• Buigstaal is an iso 9001 certfiied metallurgical company



ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard. Our certification confirms that Buigstaal meets the requirements of its customers, the laws and regulations that apply to our products, as well as the demands we have set out for our organisation.

Any (bent) parts or components manufactured by Buigstaal are thoroughly inspected and checked to ensure they meet the required specifications.

Buigstaal uses accurate measuring instruments for product and quality assurance. This includes a digital measuring arm we use to create a detailed digital image of a product so as to perform a wide range of measurements (e.g. distance and height) from anywhere on that product. We can use this measuring system at any time during our manufacturing processes to increase the accuracy of our interim and final checks. With our modern user interface and up-to-date software, we can perform any tube inspection and calculation, e.g. rebound values, tube corrections, reverse engineering and component-to-CAD.