We bend tubes and pipes for the amusement rides industry

The entertainment industry is as diversified as it is fascinating. Every project is unique and cannot succeed without the dedication and commitment of its suppliers. Buigstaal feels right at home in that approach and has been delivering world-wide solutions with an excellent quality for many decades now.

Buigstaal specializes in the manufacturing of tube-shaped components; both assembled and bent. We deliver attraction bending work according to your specifications; customized solutions as well as series production, using (stainless) steel or aluminium, to manufacture both simple and complex forms. With our ultra-modern machinery and highly skilled professionals we are at the top of our game.

It’s with good reason that for well over 85 years Buigstaal has been the preferred supplier of many companies operating in the entertainment industry. Our engineers are your process point of contact from start to finish (or even before). You can count on us to successfully complete your complete projects as well as any partial work. Our commitment and innovative capacity have resulted in many cost-saving and durable solutions.

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